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Three days ago, the ground started shaking and the worst fears of every Pacific Northwesterner were realized. The “Big One” had struck—a magnitude 9 earthquake caused by shifts in the Cascadia subduction zone—and rescue crews on cargo bikes were poised to save the day.

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European Commission Policy, Promotion &Funding for Cycling

European Commission Policy, Promotion &Funding for Cycling

Paris chic


K4RGO - Douze Cycles Messenger V2 Compact

Douze has two models, both in two lengths, with a detachable front cargo section.

The size of the Compact will appeal to everyone who wants a swift, agile bike with good carrying capacity.

Great ride and excellent finish.

The picture below is a bit preposterous. Suit and no mudguards, really?

K4RGO - Douze Cycles Traveller V2

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Cargobikes win on punctuality


A Saunier Duval boiler being delivered with the company's two hour promise. D.R. - Le Parisien A Saunier Duval boiler being delivered with the company’s two hour promise.
D.R. – Le Parisien

Le Parisien reports:

What is in common between a new laundry in the XV, a plumber on the other side of the city and a century-old heating equipment company, Saunier Duval?

The cargobike, which has already seduced many Parisians. In 2012 enthusiasts founded the association Paris Cargo Bike. Now, it is businesses who are discovering the modern version of the triporteur.

In recent weeks, the Saunier Duval company has begun to offer a replacement boiler within two hours, delivered by cargobike!

While the mayor of Paris multiplies the promotions for “soft” traffic modes (quick installation of charging points for electric vehicles, bans for cars and the most polluting HGVs in July …), companies who use cargobikes emphasize their zero environmental footprint.

But the businesses are not just driven by environmental concerns:

The growing success…

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Study – Freight Tricycles in New York



The University Transportation Reserch Center has carried out a thorough study looking at benefits and disadvantages of cargobikes for local urban deliveries in congested urban environments.

They concentrated on two New York operations: The City Bakery and City Harvest


The purpose of the study was two-fold:

  • First to determine the performance of cargobikes, i.e. whether certain deliveries can be made faster and cheaper by cargobikes
  • Second, to assess the societal benefits, in terms of reduced congestion and air/noise pollution.

Cargobikes performed well on the speed scale:

Overall, these speed results demonstrate that a considerable proportion of truck speeds are feasibly replicable by tricycle.
Carriers considering a mode switch should recognize a number of benefits and limitations for operating freight tricycles in Manhattan.
City Bakery freight tricycles, which carry relatively light loads for short trips, operate at consistent speeds between zero and 24 kph. With longer tour lengths, heavier City Harvest…

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International Cargo Bike Festival 2015


Last Sunday, 19 April, I visited the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen. That was the closing day of the fourth edition of this annual festival. The ICBF in Nijmegen is the biggest platform for cargo bikes and cycle logistics in the world. The festival is organised by Jos Sluijsmans of On Saturday there had been a conference, that was attended by people from 17 different countries. All professionals in the field of cargo deliveries by bicycle. They had come together to exchange their innovative ideas and to present their products. The list of companies included multinationals such as DHL and UPS.

kevin-krizek In the various regional Dutch newspapers an article appeared in which visiting cycling professor Kevin Krizek was introduced to the Dutch general public.

One of the keynote speakers made headlines in the Dutch press. Professor Kevin J. Krizek from the University of Colorado was introduced…

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